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Tin Plating


Used mainly on copper because of excellent conductivity and soldering ability.

Plate to BS1872


Flash Hard Chrome


This coating affords protection against chemical attack, resists abrasion and adhesion.

A max. thickness of 25 microns coating.  No Grinding required for this item.


Build Up Hard Chrome


This coating is for building up a component that is under-size, i.e. worn or damaged.  The hard chrome can be built up to 50 thou on diameter and ground down to a finished size.  It can also be used to prolong the life of an item

Although Grinding is not done on site, it can be arrange if required.


Zinc Plating


A sacrificial coating on steel to prevent deterioration of base material and prolong its life.  

Barrels are used for small items such as nuts and bolts, allen keys etc.

Larger Items are hung in the VAT tank such as machine parts.

This coating can be used in many different conditions from mild to severe depending on the passivation coating applied.

De-embrittle can be done to reduce hydrogen em-brittlement of studding as the plating can make it brittle.

Bright Zinc Plating is a silver finish. This has a minimum protection

Zinc and Chromate Passivation which is gold finish.  This is for severe conditions depending on the thickness of zinc that it applied to.

Zinc and Trivalent Passivation is a bluish silver finish, This is for severe condition depending on the thickness of zinc that it is applied to.  It is CR6 free to comply with COSHH regulations.

A sealer can be put on top of the passivation chosen to prolong the life of the zinc even longer.


Decorative Coatings - (Copper, Nickel, Brass and Chrome)


These coatings can be put on steel, brass or copper items that do not require polishing.

We offer a refurbishment service on small parts such as handles, taps, bathroom fittings, door knobs etc. Polishing can be discussed.


Chromium Stripping


Old chrome or nickel can be removed from items.  This can be done from anything from nuts and bolts, motorcycle casings right up to alloy wheels which require a different coating ie Powder Coating.